Undoubtfully the demo which give us the most work, because its realization spread out over more than year, between November, 1989 and January, 1991.

Pas de musique

The Demo - Boot Intro

After booting, a screen in the highest resolution (normally in 2 colours), showed the characteristics of the microcomputer. Indeed, demos pushed so far the limits hardwares of the machines that it seemed that the integrated circuits of machines were not all identical and engendered differences...

Pas de musique...

The Demo - Boot Intro

To display such an image with all these colours, the processor Z80A worked 99 % of time, the rest being used to write the text in a resolution of 780 x 270, what was also exceptional for the machine. To write in zones or there was an edge was wrongly called " the overscan "

Musique de loader...

The Demo - Unpacker

The Demo was the first demo on cpc to play music during the load on floppy disk. It was complex because the machine had no dedicated circuits to help that (called dma). After the load, one "the demo" animated allowed to wait while the part code was unpacked. The ancestor of winzip ...

The Demo - Main menu

The demo was a demo of the category called "megademos" because it contained several different parts. The selection of these parts was made through a "loader". This last one appeared under the shape of a game where a spaceship has to fire in targets which correspond to demos to be loaded. At the bottom of the screen, a text scrolled to explain the functioning and additionally self-proclaim " bosses of the world " by using the word "best" every minute. Letters composing the group name dance the sérénade by following sinusoidal curves....

En cours...

The Demo - Turndisk A

Sometimes, the part to be loaded was on the other face of the floppy disk (the drives were not double side). it existed called parts " turndisk " the role of which was to make, to the fan, understand that he had to turn the floppy disk, although the demo also managed the presence of an additional drive (for rich people)

En cours...

In this case, this part presented chuckling cranes and floppy disks dancing the waltz as if they were hung on on an elastic

The Demo - Turndisk B

And as a floppy disk consists of 2 faces, there was 2 " turndisk ". In this case, you see the part asking for the face A with "Side A" dancing the gigue and putting on knees the processor... It is necessary to keep in mind that all the animations were played in the 50th of second, thus fluids for human eye...

Musique loader

And it left for the load of a part..

The skull is realized with only 3 colours!

Impressive, no?

Musique Human Race

The Demo - Take it Easy

The main effect of this part is based on the scrolling of text with numerous different speeds, what gave a deep impression, all this in a totally fluid way.... This part was written by the youngest child of the group, Pict.

The Demo - Take it Easy

Scroll with various speeds is called scroll " parallax ". Among other effects, the abbreviation The Demo seems stuck on a roller turning on itself, whereas an explanatory text at the top dances the gigue (called " wave-sinus-scroll ")

Tonnerre sur chaque chiffre

The Demo - Nega Part

Although the cpc did not have a timer or a clock as in the more evolved computers, every part managed to calculate the time to know since how long the demo had started. Here the time is shown in the introduction of one of the parts as a huge and noisy clock!

The Demo - Nega Part

In this part, still scroll, the whole with very beautiful letters which, in spite of their age, surround numerous windows polices... The orange-coloured bars are équalizers, and a logo in the name of the group bounces everywhere.. This part was developed by Fred Crazy...

The Demo - Nega Part

It was the first time that a vertical scroll overscan of this size was made on a cpc. The logo was moving in a particularly "cut up" memory, but the object of this column is not to speak to you about barbaric techniques as the "splitting" (called "rupture" on the french scene)

Musique Burnin Robber

The Demo - Digit & Zebig

This part was remarkable by the number of logos and drawings realized to present the team. The music was "new" because directly stemming from the game of the cartridge of cpc +, considered "inviolable" by amstrad... :-) ... Zebigboss created all these drawings, copied by so much people after...

.Musique Burnin Robber

The Demo - Digit & Zebig

Digit had programmed this part. The scroll at the top moved pixel by pixel, what was not a very simple matter. A ferrari comes to push the screen towards the left while the demo works, for 2 seconds..

The Demo - Slash 1st demo

This part was created by Slash. Bubbles were guest stars because they composed a scroll with big letters, while the others played equalizors on both sides of the group logo .

The Demo - Phoénix

This part is a real hymn in scrolls in all the kinds and all the colours. The simple yellow police occupied, not compressed, twice the total size of the computer... In brief, it was not simple to accommodate everything in the memory and it was necessary to compose a maximum...

The Demo - Phoénix

Font were in high graphic mode. Even on a current pc, would be needed a resolution of 800x600 to see the image correctly. These screen shots are thus indistinct...
Scrolls had very different speeds!

The Demo - Phoénix

The central part of this demo allowed to show various effects. In this case, here the logo consisted of lines turning on itself... All the texts were in English because the vocation of the demo was to circulate in Europe...(but the english spoken by a french is in general a disaster...)

The Demo - Phoénix

This time, the central part is occupied by a scroll which dances the gigue whereas the " The Demo" logo turns on itself...

The Demo - Phoénix

The same logo, itself replaced by a bar containing the pseudos of "logonies".

Part created by Longshot...

The Demo - 3D Scroll

In this part, the scroll is created with an effect of colours, which allows to create three-dimensional letters which scroll as the star wars movie scroll... At the top classic scroll and equalizors..

The Demo - 3D Scroll

Several effects of colours and forms of scrollings.

Part created by the youngest child Pict.