If you are interested by this world, following links will allow you to achieve sites of unconditional fanatics...

Do not hesitate to contact me if you discern a dead or modified link


Genesis 8 french or english. Rather complete Site and regularly put in day. They find quite a lot of things, up to spare parts for CPC there. Very orientated to the user.
Amstradeus french or english. A site with a beautiful aesthetics. Still active with quite a lot of tools, notably graphic.
Phénix Informatique french. Rubrics emulators, small announcements, presentation of the machine, contacts, fanzines, database of games. Look a bit random, but you can find of everything and also an active forum and a chat, but often in french....
Unofficial Amstrad Site english. general practitioner on produced friends amstrad. and rather poor concerning the cpc. some links. the last actualization of June 7th, 2000
The Arkos Dungeon french or english. Demoniak Fanzine et some productions. Projects, histories, galery. Nice design.
Roudoudou french. you want joke, speak about catacombs, urban exploration or java code, you're in the right place. about cpc : some screenshots, emulators, photos
Cpc Wiki english. All you want to know on the cpc
Sean Home page english.a lot of lessons of programming BASIC. domain public and download of emulator.
Les sucres en Morceaux french. Fan of Cpc, loving the style of drawing and the demo. To see absolutely.
Cpc Rulez french. The site of the friend Hermol. A mine of information which makes a must truth
Cpc Scene french. Ftp server, Last news, Troll liner et Cpc Radio by Peercast
Cpc Zone english. An impressive game database and a forum where you can find some emulator authors.
STarKos homepage english. The site of the friend Targhan and his famous soundtrakker..
WinAPE english. The site of Richard Wilson and his fabulous emulator Win Ape, which is an absolute must.
Page de BDC Iron french. Site of Iron, who works more particularly on the cpc+, with some tehcnical informations
Revival french. Site of Plissken and his démoes
Site de Tom & Jerry french. Site very clean of Tom & Jerry about the GPA group with some documentation, sources, and interesting programs
Cpc Hardware french. Site managed by Parano Sprite. If you try to repair, to buy of the equipment cpc, you are in the good place. To note also the scans of magazines and some useful informations
Amstrad Esp spanish. A very nice site if you speak Spanish. This site is a mine of information
Amstrad Cpc ToolKit french. Some PC Windows utilities to create on CPC...